Press conference in Mali Losinj

Towards the European Senior Team Chess Championship, which will be held in Mali Lošsinj from September 17 to 26, conference for press was held by the director of the competition, Valter Valkovic, and Secretary General of the Croatian Chess Federation (HSS) Alojzije Janković.
The championship is divided into two groups, over 50 and over 65, with a total of thirty teams with 135 chess players from fifteen European countries. It will be played on four boards, nine rounds with the Swiss system.
“We have chosen Mali Lošinj because HSS had four years a very good cooperation with ‘Jadranka Hotels’ whose facilities are ideal for organizing such competitions. We spoke with the City of Mali Losinj and the Losinj Tourist Board, who are willing to support international competitions in Losinj. Ana Kucic e.g. mayoress, has confirmed that she will come to open the championship and make a symbolic first move. I emphasize that we have managed to bring Scandinavians and Irish, and tourists from these countries that are not many here otherwise, pointed out Valter Valkovic.
“We are pleased with the support we receive here, so we have decided to organize bigger competitions here in future. Mostly people from Western countries, higher paying powers are performing. This is not a professional competition; there are people who also want to take a break, play a chess and who are potential tourists in the coming years. We hope that at this championship our 50+ team can reach the gold medal, even though Russia is better rated. Our grandmasters Zdenko Kozul, Robert Zelcic, Bojan Kurajica and Nenad Fercec have good qualityes. By organizing this competition, we also wanted to emphasize the importance of chess in the fight against dementia; Chess is ideal for seniors.
”We have applied Losinj for the Individual European Amateur Championships, which will take place in the spring of 2021 and expect about 200 players. The idea is to foremost socializing for club players who do not play professionally, we have chosen this competition to give more chance players from Croatia. I believe that those who come to Losinj will return later as tourists. ” said Alojzije Jankovic.